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Climate Change in Vanuatu: A story of Resilience. 2018. Island Life Magazine.


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2018. Vanuatu COP24 UNFCCC Submissions on Climate Finance, Adaptation & Loss & Damage

2017. Vanuatu National Sustainable Development Plan.  Prime Minister’s Office.

2016.  Vanuatu Livestock Sector Policy.  Vanuatu Department of Livestock

2015. Vanuatu Climate Change & Disaster Risk Reduction Policy.  Vanuatu Ministry of Climate Change

2014.  Vanuatu Overarching Productive Sector Policy.  Vanuatu Ministry of Agriculture

2013.  Vanuatu National Curriculum Statement. Vanuatu Ministry of Education

2012. Vanuatu National Land Use and Zoning Policy. Vanuatu’s Department of Lands.

2011. Vanuatu National Forest Policy. Vanuatu’s Department of Forests

2011. Vanuatu Priority Action Agenda Revision. New included section by Bartlett, C. on Climate & Disaster.

2011. Vanuatu National Climate Change Adaptation Strategy. Vanuatu Department of Meteorology and Geohazards

2009. Bartlett, C. Community Conservation Areas; a comprehensive package for registration. IN: Revised Environmental Management and Conservation Act. Part 4: Biodiversity and Protected Areas. Republic of Vanuatu. 36pp.

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